Global celebrities back our #CrisisActionFund including singer Karen Mok, her mother Auntie Mok, Downtown Abbey actors and comedian Ricky Gervais.

03 April 2020

?Animals Asia’s global family includes many animal loving celebrities from around the world. During this time of global crisis which is impacting the charity sector very hard a number of our supporters and ambassadors with a combined following of many millions have reached out to voice their support for our vital work.

Karen Mok supporting Animals Asia on Instagram

Our China Ambassador Karen Mok has served as a patron of Animals Asia since 2010 and has even featured in several of our public information films including most recently a film about cat and dog welfare which have been screened in Chinese metro stations.


Karen is a Hong Kong born singer and actress with over 14 million followers on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Karen joined in with our #BearInTheWindow social media campaign which began as a way to show solidarity for Animals Asia staff and bears at our China rescue facilities in Chengdu and Nanning.

Eleanor and Trevor from the Morris Charity Initiative present Animals Asia with a generous cheque
Karen's mum, Eleanor Morris, is known publicly as Auntie Mok and she recently celebrated her 80th birthday with a party and charity auction. Auntie Mok is well known for her charitable work teaching languages to children (her daughter Karen speaks seven herself) and has donated a fantastically generous HK$200,000 ($25,000 US) to Animals Asia’s Crisis Action Fund. She was inspired by the #BraveryInAction of our China team during this crisis. Animals Asia would like to thank Eleanor, Karen, her brother Trevor (pictured above with Eleanor) and the Morris Charity Initiative for their ongoing support, generosity and ambassadorship.

During this devastating crisis Animals Asia also received messages of support from Downtown Abbey actors Lesley Nicol and Peter Egan. And before social distancing reached the US we held an event which galvanised the support of some of our other favourite famous faces including Ali MacGraw, Kirstin Bauer, Jesse Metcalfe, Jimmi Simpson, Sophia Del Pizzo, Diane Warren, Michelle Forbes, Tara Buck, Kat Benzova, Shaun Monson, James Costa, Maggie Q and Matt Sorum.

 Ali MacGraw, Tara Buck, Kristin Bauer, Lesley Nicol, Michelle Forbes.

Since lockdown has come into effect Animals Asia supporter Ricky Gervais has been hosting regular livestreams on Twitter and in the most recent broadcast he acknowledged the hard times we’re in and highlighted Animals Asia, asking his fans to donate to our Crisis Action Fund.

Ricky said: "'s a couple of quid but it makes a huge difference".?

We’d like to thank Ricky and all of the global celebrities who are shining a light on our work at this difficult time. Where other organisations have room to scale back during this health and economic crisis Animals Asia cannot.?

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We are on the front line of animal welfare in Asia with our two globally acclaimed sanctuaries caring for hundreds of bears, with captive animal welfare projects and investigations ongoing and needed now more than ever, and we’re delivering on our promises to you and on our commitments to end bear bile farming in Vietnam for good. We can’t stop now. Please be a star and donate to our Crisis Action Fund today.
Karen Mok at the China Bear Rescue Centre