Gifts for the bears

Send a gift to a rescued bear


The bears who are lucky enough to be rescued by Animals Asia, arrive at our sanctuaries weak, damaged and mentally traumatised. Most have suffered unimaginable cruelty, through years of confinement and painful bile extraction.

You can help our 'bile farm survivors' make up for lost time, by sending a virtual gift to help fill their lives with fun, happiness and tasty treats.

From a jar of delicious strawberry jam or a?pool party to life-saving gall bladder surgery, your virtual gift will help give our rescued bears the lives they've always deserved.

These charity gifts make the perfect Christmas and birthday presents and can even be bought as wedding favours for animal lovers.

You, or the gift's recipient, will receive a special Animals Asia gift card showing how your kindness made a rescued bear's day.

Choose your virtual charity gift

Jar of strawberry jam - US$10

Imagine how amazing it would be to taste jam after years of eating nothing but sloppy, watery gruel. Our bears had never tasted delicious strawberry jam until they were rescued but now they sure are making up for it! Your gift will help keep this sweet treat coming...
Send a Jam Jar


Fruity ice pops - US$15

With those thick, glossy coats, the summer months can get pretty warm for our bears. In between dips in the pool, they love to cool off with fruity ice block treats. Ice is a complete novelty to new bears who have been kept in cages their whole lives, but they soon get the hang of it!
Send Ice Pops


Mound of marshmallows - US$20

Our bears are often riddled with health problems due to their past treatment, but they don't like taking their medicine. However, they can't resist a squishy marshmallow either, so we sneak their meds in and turn it into a treat!
Send Marshmallows


Fruit and veg hamper - US$35

The bears we rescue are almost always starved, dehydrated and in extremely poor health. They need rich, nutrient-dense food to help them recover from their years of ill treatment. From cabbages and juicy tomatoes to sweet pineapple and banana, our bears have hearty appetites!
Send a Hamper


Send a pool party - US$55

Bears love to splash about in water! Tuffy was elated to find a pool after over a decade in a tiny cage. We like to make sure our rescued bears get the chance to play in the water, a simple pleasure that's been absent from their lives for so long. Send some rescued bears a pool party!
Send a Pool Party


Build a bear swing - US$95?

Bears love swinging! There are few things more peaceful than watching a moon bear swing gently at our sanctuary, knowing their past lives of trauma and abuse are far behind them. Help our beautiful bears keep swinging!
Send a Swing


Fix a bear's broken teeth - US$200

The bears we rescue have often lived for decades in tiny cages and bite the bars out of frustration and boredom. Many bears need extensive dental surgery to fix broken teeth and remove the rotten ones. If you've ever suffered from toothache, you can imagine how great they feel afterwards.
Send a Dentist


Mend a bear - US$400

When they are rescued, our bears' bodies and minds are damaged from years of trauma, starvation and muscle wastage. Many suffer chronic pain like arthritis; their paws are cracked and sore, and they need constant monitoring and lifelong medication. Each health check we perform costs $400 - can you fund a check-up to help our veterinarians mend these broken bears?
Send a Vet


Life-saving surgery - US$800

After so many years of invasive and painful forced bile extractions, many of the bears we rescue require urgent surgery to remove their diseased and toxic gall bladders. It is an expensive, complicated and lengthy procedure but vital to save the bear's life. Your generous gift could fund life-saving surgery for an abused bear.
Send a Surgeon


*Your gift directly supports our bear work in China and Vietnam, along with other vital animal welfare work. While we don't ship individual items to the bears, all our gifts are real items that we need and use on a frequent basis to rehabilitate and care for our community of rescued bears. This includes veterinary costs, bear enrichment materials, food and medicines.