Animals Asia can only accept applications from volunteers trained in either veterinary science / vet nursing or qualified in wild-animal management, as all hands on work with the bears necessitates intensive training.


All veterinary volunteer placements require a commitment of at least three months.

Below is a list of potential duties and tasks for Veterinary Nurse Volunteers at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, Tam Dao, Vietnam (VBRC). The duties which the VN volunteers' specifically undertake during their volunteer stint will depend on their background, experience and skill level.


Basic Veterinary Nurse Volunteer Requirements

  • Recognised veterinary nursing qualification.
  • Experience working in veterinary practice in a veterinary nursing role.


  • Prepare medication for the bears
  • Assist with preparation for bear health checks and surgeries
  • Assist with bear health checks and surgeries
  • Help clear away after bear health checks and surgeries
  • Observe bears waking up from anaesthetics
  • Feed, clean and enrich hospitalised bears and report on behaviour
  • Help with small animal work as needed
  • Assist twith weekly and monthly cleaning duties
  • Assist resident vet nurse with monthly abdomen checks and biannual worming of bears
  • Perform any other tasks as directed by the Senior Veterinary Surgeon or resident vet nurse as required.

If you would like to apply for a volunteer vet nurse position, please send your CV and application letter and complete volunteer application form to [email protected]